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(i don't believe in) fairytales

Her head is swimming but that doesn’t stop Colette from downing another shot and making a face. She’s long forgotten the name of the liquor.

Not that she cared in the first place, she just wanted to get drunk fast.

It’s one thing, being dumped. It happened a few times before, she’s used to it by now. And it’s not like she never did the dumping herself, or deserved it when it happened.

Usually, her partners have really good reasons to end things. She’s not around enough, not ready to get settled, flirts with other people, is too loud, too quiet, the list seems sheer endless.

What is new is that she was dumped by someone she is working with. Not just that, oh no. No, in her absolute lack of brain cells, she had to go and start sleeping with her best friend.

Who on earth does things like that? Stupid people, that’s who.

People who want to wreck a perfectly great friendship, people who don’t think for five seconds, people who are stupid and crazy and fall in love with-

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