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I was 23 at the time of the "occurrence" we will call it. At this point in my life, I was living in Edmonton, had just left a toxic job, and was living out of hotels, as our apartment had water damage from a burst pipe and we were evacuated.
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I dodged a rapist

by jennalynnw

I was 23 at the time of the "occurrence" we will call it.

At this point in my life, I was living in Edmonton, had just left a toxic job, and was living out of hotels, as our apartment had water damage from a burst pipe and we were evacuated.

I spent my down time in hotel rooms, online searching for a new position. I was somewhat desperate, since I quit my last job before finding another.

I was at the point where I would take basically anything to get me by until I found something I really wanted to do.

I applied on kijiji (like Craig's list) to companies recruiting receptionists, but wasn't having much luck.

Finally, I received a call from a man who owned a small engine repair shop, who needed an assistant to help organize the front end and answer phones.

It wasn't something I would normally jump on (I typically work in healthcare) but as I said, desperate times.

I agreed to meet him that day at a restaurant for drinks, which I thought was somewhat unusual.

When I was about to leave, he texted me saying to meet him at his shop instead. I thought that would be more appropriate.

When I arrived at the shop and walked in the door, I was slightly disgusted. The shop was tiny and absolutely fucking filthy. Papers were strewn all over the floor and they were covered in dirt.

There was food and beer bottles around, basically it was in disarray. I was feeling a little uncomfortable and majorly over dressed.

I wore a nice business dress with cute heels and simple jewelry.

I was greeted by a man who had an appearance similar to that of his shop's office. He was wearing a dirty, torn up wife beater, a gold chain and he was covered in tats.

Beer in hand, he reached for my hand to introduce himself. He finishes his beer and runs back to the fridge behind the front desk, and pulls out 2 more. "Want one" he asks.

I respectfully declined, in the back of my mind, I knew it wasn't a good idea. I know some of you are thinking *red flag* but in Alberta, people drink a lot.

Not saying it's necessarily normal to drink on the job, but in this line of work, it may be more common, so I didn't feel threatened.

Also, I had been around my fair share of sketchy people, so it took a lot for me to feel uneasy, I am still one of those "it will never happen to me" types,

even though things have happened to me.

He then started talking briefly about what he would need from me as an assistant. Then the rest of the 2 HOUR interview, he spoke of himself.

I will give you a brief summary of the topics we discussed: how hungover he was, how much blow he did the night before,

how his girlfriend sucked another guy off and he asked him "how'd my dick taste?", and how he liked my blue eyes. He mentioned that he "kinda" wanted to hire me, but felt I was too stuck up.

By point, I was starting to become aware of the situation I was in, and was feeling uneasy. Not to mention the way he looked at me the whole time was unnerving.

I know most people may have left by now, but I am painfully polite (Canadian) and hate being rude, even if it's warranted.

I made sure to inform him that I was meeting my boyfriend right after the interview. He asked to give me a tour of the shop in the back, and that was scary.

We were the only ones there, and this guy was definitely a sketchy dude. Not to mention twice my size, I'm only 5'1.

I told him it was getting late and that I needed to go, but thanked him for his time. He said he would contact me soon, as he may need me as early as the next day to begin work.

He seemed annoyed that I was leaving, but I had been there 2 hrs too long, so I booked it out of there.

A couple weeks later, still jobless, I was searching on Kijiji for jobs when I came across and ad saying "Ladies Beware: Small Engine Repair hiring Assistant".

I noticed immediately that it was the one I interviewed at, so I clicked the link.

In the post it mentioned that this man is still under surveillance after getting off on charges of raping two women who answered his Kijiji ads a couple years prior. They went to his shop.

He later drugged their drinks and raped them. All I could think about was how lucky I was to not drink that beer.

I was contacted by a lady and her daughter, who had a similar experience with the same man at the shop. She gave me one of the Edmonton Constable's number.

I did contact them and left a message, but they never got back to me. It turns out they have been watching this guy for a while, and he has sexually related crimes dating back to 1991.

I narrowly missed that bullet. Lesson here. Always let people know where you are, and never take drinks from strangers. Or candy for that matter. - j

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