I do not want her to go
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I do not want her to go

Sometimes he wished he could tell her that he knew she was in fact a girl. A very special young woman.

He found it strange how no one else knew when it was so obvious. It had nothing to do with her clothes, but her air of being and how she behaved. The tune of her voice.

Sometimes he had to shake his head at the ignorance of those around him. They had to be blind.

How she could even try to represent a boy he had no idea, he had even walked in on her when she was in the shower. Should she not be more careful?

She has no idea how often he had to cover mistakes she made. What if anyone else saw her like that? In the shower.

No, he should not think in those directions since those thoughts made him mad with jealousy.

No one but him was suppose to ever see her in those setting, and as things were at this moment even he did not have the right.

But he hoped that in the future he would have the exclusive right to see her without clothes.

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