I Do Not Ask the Night for Explanations
I Do Not Ask the Night for Explanations baatar jr/ikki (avatar) stories

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A fanfic by ourimpavidheroine adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I Do Not Ask the Night for Explanations

Ikki came up the stone stairs leading into Blue’s cave next to the ledge to the sound of Huan singing.

She scritched her air bison along her muzzle for a few moments, listening. It was the song about the noble girl whose lover rode off to war in the rain; lots of water imagery in the lyrics.

Huan must be in the bath, then. He liked to match his songs to his circumstances.

All of those Earth Kingdom songs were so tragic, though, full of love gone wrong and endless wars, angst and woe. Nothing like the ones she’d grown up learning.

She gave Blue a last affectionate thump on her snout, getting a farewell swipe of her tongue.

“You want me to come wash your back?” she called ahead as she walked down the passageway that led from Blue’s cavern to their own and he sang the answer back, perfectly in tune.

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