I didn't just kiss her
I didn't just kiss her teen angst stories

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A story by amv0ra adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I didn't just kiss her

Pushed up against her locker door Louise looked up into the emerald eyes of her assailant. It was none other than Logan Berry Bush. The teen towered above the younger one, teasing her.

Nipping at her pink bunny hat with his lips.

“Agh, I'm going to kill you Logan!” She screamed beginning to raise her hand,”Oh you see this hand, this is the hand I'm going to beat your ass with!”

Before she got a chance to strike he grasped her hand in his and pushed it up against the locker as well.

His breath was hot on her neck now; as she opened her mouth getting ready to scream the loudest she's ever screamed before she felt cool air touch her scalp.

Logan had just done the unthinkable, he had taken her hat.

“Try and get it back Lulu!” Logan teased waltzing off triumphantly, spinning his prize in the air by the tips of its ears.

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