i carry your heart (with me).
i carry your heart (with me). ben/mal (descendants) stories

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i carry your heart (with me).

Of course it had to be the red that ran out.

Queenie wrinkled her nose, pressing the button harder and holding it, but to no avail, as the spray bottle let out its last huff of air before it fell silent.

No matter how many times she shook or slapped the damn thing, the can continued to be a drama queen.

With a loud sigh, she threw it over her shoulder, the empty bottle striking the cement behind her and rolling far away, but she didn't really pay attention to it - instead,

she stepped back and focused on her handy work.

It wasn't as pretty as Mal's but it was a good start - it was half black, half red with the Long Live Evil! alternating between the two, and multiple hearts and clubs that gave it character.

Well - too bad the red half was only half done.

Queenie pouted, glancing down at her feet. Sure, she had remembered the extra cans of black - but the red? Of course not.

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