I Can't Care About Anything (But You)
I Can't Care About Anything (But You) maura isles/jane rizzoli stories

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I Can't Care About Anything (But You)

As the remainder of the cabernet poured into Maura’s glass, Jane contemplated opening another bottle, but that would mean getting up from the sofa and, at the moment,

they were both cozy and comfortable under the oversized Red Sox throw blanket, so she simply set the bottle down and continued her story.

“So, then, and you’ll love this, I told them about the thing with the gold and the zinc and the phone booth thing--”

“Oh, the vacuum metal deposition test!” Maura smiled over the top of her wine glass, eyes sparking in approval (and maybe also because this was her fourth glass of the evening).


… with the gold and the zinc and the phone booth.” Jane’s own wine glass was bottomed out, so there was another mental tug to open up a new bottle.

But. Warm. Cozy. Comfortable.


“And they thought it was really cool. A few thought I was making shit up, but I told them by best friend is a genius scientist.

And that if they didn’t believe me, I’d have you come in and explain, in detail, the chemical interaction process.”

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