I can see your destiny
I can see your destiny stargate atlantis stories

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I can see your destiny

He knew when the lights would go out and he wastes no time leaving his prison cell.

His body feels too heavy for he is weaker than ever and lacks all his strength and grace, but what is left of his sanity and pride tells him that he will not die a prisoner.

Even if he can only make one step away from that glass cube he's been stuck in it is victory for him.

And he knows his fellow Wraith, who's responsible for the black out, can't help him here.

Not because of the distance, walls and armed humans between them but because the other Wraith will die as well. The detective is on the way. And has arrived just now.

He has seen many worlds. All of them different yet in some ways the same. And he'd always seen much more than he should, for this reality's borders are the most transparent of them all.

Yet right now his fellow Wraith whom the humans had been chasing opens up a rift, a slash through this universe's walls that allows him to see more than ever before.

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