I Can See the Guy I Accidentally Killed
I Can See the Guy I Accidentally Killed my chemical romance stories

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I Can See the Guy I Accidentally Killed

Mikey’s eyes widened as the van grew closer and closer. He wondered what the hell the driver was doing on his side of the road, but either way Mikey had to do something.

Mikey tried to swerve out of the way, but the driver had sped up. It was too late – the van smashed into the side of Mikey’s small car, on the driver’s side.

Mikey was thrown violently forward, smashing his head on the driver’s wheel. His seatbelt cut into his chest, painfully digging into his ribs. He was knocked unconscious.

The car flipped backward, landing on its roof.

The van came to a halt about 10 yards away from the car wreck. The driver’s door opened, as a small man stumbled onto the road.

“Oh no,” he said, his voice trembling. He wobbled on his feet, then stumbled over to the wrecked car. He looked into the smashed window of the driver’s door, and saw a knocked-out Mikey.

He tugged the door open, unbuckled the seatbelt and dragged Mikey out of the seat, and onto the tar road.

He saw blood running down Mikey's cheek, and pushed away his hair to reveal a large gash. There were also several lacerations on his face and arms.

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