I can see Heaven From Here
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written piece by innerbrat adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I can see Heaven From Here

In the end, they cut it all a little short. It had been hard to predict, and the exact circumstances were too dissimilar for plans to be put into action much sooner.

But he ended up finding all the right evidence that very day: everything he needed to prove Zucco's involvement with a low-end protection racket,

to track his location and to let the police know.

He and X chased Zucco down that same evening, leaving him at the steps of the GCPD HQ just as the moon was rising over the circus camped in Robinson Park.

They had barely enough time to change before heading out to the evening performance.

It turned out to be a circus of another kind, as well, with the press turning out in force to see what Bruce Wayne might be doing at a run of the mill travelling circus - especially one,

a reporter joked, where the only female acrobat is married?

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