I Can Love You
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I Can Love You


Astrotrain knew he was going down and he was already at the back of the pack. They wouldn't return for him and he knew what his fate would be.

Someone would claim him and clip a collar around his neck. He'd become nothing more than a plaything for one of the Autobots.

The war was over and they were the last Decepticons left, running and raiding to survive. The dwindling faction would lose a few more today after the failed raid for energon.

The planet was back up and running, Cybertron having healed itself in Iacon and Praxus.

The other cities were on their way to self mending, but so far only two were habitable and the Autobots had control of them.

They had the larger numbers and now that they were victorious, they could choose whether or not to save any of the on-the-run Decepticons that were left.

'At least they don't torture us. That's the only good thing. I can...be some pet if that's what they want.

It's better than getting my plating torn off like Vortex would do to if he caught any of them.'

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