I Can Hear the Bells
I Can Hear the Bells carter grayson/kai chen stories

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I Can Hear the Bells

It was a guaranteed function of life that Leo would always have horrible ideas.

Kai had resigned himself to it, had learned to embrace it, to work with it, because like it or not, Leo was the guy who got to call the shots.

Because of this, it was pointless to bring to light the numerous flaws said terrible plans entailed, because Leo wasn't going to change his mind

and Kai had better ways he could spend his time.

For instance, trying not to be murdered by the various monsters that were out for his blood.

was a very high priority on his list.

Even when informed of the increased likelihood of near-death experiences as a result of their leader's recklessness, Leo still felt disinclined to listen to Kai’s superior advice,

so the blue ranger resigned himself to a harrowing year of heart attacks and many destroyed stress balls.

The good news was that they had managed to survive, and subsequently, so did the majority of Terra Venture's inhabitants.

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