I Belong With My Brother
I Belong With My Brother nsfw stories

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A written piece by quco adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I Belong With My Brother

“We’ve been out in the woods for days and we haven’t even seen one deer, uncle. We should head south and into a city to get something to eat.

You’re going to kill us all if you keep up this pace.” Kíli quickly threw his eyes down after one angry glance from his uncle, the two guards that were accompanying them eyed each other.

Kíli had gone far over the line with that comment and everybody knew it.

Fíli quickly glanced over in his brother’s direction, but held his own tongue. He knew their uncle was displeased at his brother’s outburst even though it was true.

Besides it wasn’t the first time Kíli had complained on this trip.

To be fair, Fíli did agree with Kíli, he was hungry too and the only food they had left was a couple of loaves which they could probably use as weapons at this time.

The loaves were old and would most likely spoil in the next day or two.

Besides that, they had two or three rock cakes left, which would keep fresh longer, but the quantity wouldn’t sustain them for more than one nights march, and barely that even.

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