Hydra lullaby
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Hydra lullaby

January 1970

The smell of expensive alcohol permeates the space. That seems logical considering the several empty bottles that surround Howard.

She should be thankful he’s in his office down here instead of his lab.

She should also be thankful that he’s drinking alone and didn’t invite any of his special friends that everyone including Maria knew about. (Maria actually joined Howard most of the time.

Peggy was in no place to judge considering she and her husband had a mutual ex-boyfriend,

a dead mutual ex-boyfriend that they cared about so much that they are planning to name their unborn child after him.)

Peggy wondered if Jarvis or anyone else bothered to clean in here. Jarvis was the best person to deal with Howard when he was like this.

Actually, he was the only one who was willing to which might explain the generous salary that Stark paid him. Right now though, Jarvis was at the Long Island house with Maria.

She couldn’t be left alone since her baby girl, Natasha, did not survive being born two months prematurely. The situation was tragic.

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