Hybrid Kingdom
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Hybrid Kingdom

Alex woke up.  He was sweating from head to toe.  He hated that nightmare.  It reminded him about his past and his past wasn't a good one.

He didn't have a room mate yet so he had the whole room to himself.  There was two beds next to each other.  The one he used was rumpled with the soft pillows on the ground.

The other laid untouched, neat and clean.  He sat up in his bed, then got up.  He walked to the dresser in his dorm room.  Alex applied orange dye to his usual white hair.

It took a few minutes.  He might be getting faster.  His ears, hair and tail were covered in dye.  It never really seemed to stick.  He put his brown contacts over his blue eyes.

Blue eyes were rare in the hybrid world.  People still had them.  Alex knew at least ten people out of the hundred foxes in his grade.He got ready for his first class.

Alex flew out the door of his dorm room.  Alex lived in a dorm room at the school of hybrids, ages ten to twenty.  Alex was fifteen, he arrived here when he was ten.

It was right after the indent.  Alex arrived in the middle of the three main building.  They all looked the same.  Pale brick buildings with clear blue windows.

His first class was in the vulpine building.  It had a fox on the top.  He went into the building and went to find his class room.

Suddenly, a loud voice came through the black speakers that hung in the hallways.

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