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Abstergo have long since abandoned the temple but they've left their mark.

Amelie has never cared much for the Pieces of Eden, not until recently, and ordinarily the footprints and the dirt that marks the millennia old stone wouldn't bother her in the slightest.

But now she's seen their power for herself, now she knows what the First Civ were close to accomplishing, and to see one of their sites so disrespected like this sets her temper flaring.

"Well," says Shaun in her ear, "you can tell Abstergo have been here, can't you?

If the destruction and incessant uncaring for anything they can't use to further their power doesn't give it away, I'm sure the smell will. Ams, does it smell?"

"It does," she concedes amusedly, pressing further into the dark and cavernous space.

The thin beam of light from the torch strapped to her backpack offers very little aid, and serves only to make her wary of every shadow she casts on the stone walls.

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