Hunger of the Wolf
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Hunger of the Wolf

The Hunger of a Wolf

“Derek? You here?” I call into the ruins of Hale House.

Absolute silence is the only answer I receive. I frown and continue walking through the house. At least, the parts I know are safe to walk on. It’s a bit depressing every time I’m here.

I remember the house when it was vibrant and alive with the wonderful, happy family that lived here. They were lovely people and Laura was my best friend.

They didn’t even blink about trusting me when I found out they were werewolves. I’m the same age that Laura… should be, we were in the same classes, hung out every day.

I left after the fire the same as her and Derek did. I only came back when I heard about Laura’s death. She’d called me asking for my help to track an alpha in Beacon Hills but I’d said no.

Now she’s dead and I live with the regret of not being here for her every day.

Of course, it didn’t take me long to realise Scott had been turned, so I decided to stick around and help Derek hunt down the alpha.

There was no way in hell I was going to let someone get away with doing that to my nephew.

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