Hung Up
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Hung Up

Matt is back in Montana for a quick promo and fundraising party at Ted Turner's ranch for his movie

with the proceeds going to environmental causes. Most of his wardrobe has already been chosen and provided by his agent and the studio, so all he has brought with him is a small overnight bag.

He hasn't used his shaving kit since his trip to Aspen a few weeks ago with Simon.

Matt smiles fondly as he remembers how they ran into Tim and Elisa on that trip. As he reaches into his kit for his toothbrush, he discovers a neatly hand rolled cigarette.

He pulls it out and sniffs it; then bursts out laughing. He's pretty sure he knows how it got there.

Checking his watch, he decides it's not too late to call and find out. When Tim answers his phone, Matt pretends to be high and greets him, "Hey mannn.

Guess what amaaazing thing I found in my shaving kit?"

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