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A fan work by gamblingdementor adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Hundreds of Stories

The door to Usnavi's bodega opens and closes hundreds of times every morning and statistically, two of those are going to be Nina getting her pre-classes caffeine. Benny won't miss it.

The door opens and his heart drums in expectation… but it's just Daniela and Carla who talk way too much Spanish for him to understand what they're saying.

It's probably a private conversation anyways. Two cups of coffee, a pack of gums and they're gone, arm in arm.

False hopes every time, until the one time it's her. Thank God he's friends with Usnavi − he'd hate to have to come up with an excuse to stand around waiting for her if this was another bodega.

"Good morning!" The loveliest voice of all rings and Benny is struck all over again, every morning.

"Morning, Nina," Usnavi smiles, the little brat, and hands her her

"Hey!" Benny waves like an idiot.

But Nina just smiles, sipping her coffee.

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