Humble Servant
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Humble Servant

Simon placed the last of his paperwork in his out tray and leaned back in his chair with a sigh.

Over the last few weeks he had had a number of cases almost back to back, with little time between them to recharge.

Miles Edgeworth had apologised for the sudden increase in his workload,

but expressed his confidence that Simon could handle it and insisted that he wanted one of his best staff on each of the cases in question.

He was grateful that Edgeworth had so much faith in his ability as a prosecutor, even after a six year hiatus.

Still, the mental strain of applying psychological analysis for an extended period of time had taken its toll.

There was a fine line between using psychology to get an attorney to tip his hand or to catch a witness in a lie, and outright manipulating others into doing what he wanted.

The power of suggestion was not to be trifled with, and unlike some of his opposite numbers at the defence bench, he had no external gadgetry to confirm whether or not he was on the right track.

Push too hard or say the wrong things to the wrong person, and one could very easily end up with a false confession. He would

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