Humanities Last Hope
Humanities Last Hope connie springer stories

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A fiction by awsomekiller666 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Humanities Last Hope

It was a really nice day. The Sun was shining brightly in the sky, barely any clouds to cover up the beautiful star, a nice breeze blew gently in the shades and the temperture wasn't that hot.

Captain Levi was out with his squad, on a mission to help any remaining survivors from the recent failed expedition.

Levi knew that there were no remaining survivors, the female type titan made sure there wasn't anyone left standing.

Levi sighed at the memory, all the agonized screams, the sounds of bones crushing violently, the heaving thuding of her footsteps and the bloody aftermath that lay behind her.

Bones and crushed bodies, scattered limbs and splattered blood...

Levi shivered, he knew that going after her was a bad idea hell, the idea to even attempt to capture the thing was a surely promised death sentence but NO,

fucking Erwin and his huge eyebrows made the 'full proof' plan to capture the titan which only resulted in many lives being lost and... the female titan getting away.

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