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Human Lover

“I missed him Pam”

“Yeah, I know that but obviously he doesn't missing you, it's been twenty years”

“It doesn’t matter, we’re still going”

“I don’t know why you’re turning into a needy bitch when it comes to him”

“Shut up! He is mine and I’m his, forever and I said we’re going, end of the story. Besides I'm already become a sheriff of area 5 Louisiana, there's no turning back now”

“Why are you dragging me with you to that shitty place Laura?” I was hating my little sister at the moment

“Because it’s going to be fun, you idiot”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can have some fun while they’re drying all of my blood”

“Don’t be such a mood killer Giddy, please” and there she is again

“Don’t call me that!!”

“Why because you like Zero more”

“Yes! And it’s cooler name, you know”

“More like a nickname”

“Whatever” we entered the club, I thought Jason is going to kill me but Laura was familiar with the place and she go to say hello a few friends, vampires, God!

I just go and find an empty seat and sit on it. Place was good and it's definitely looking more clean than I thought

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