Human Events
Human Events female canada (hetalia: axis powers) stories

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Human Events

England could feel something shift the moment the small Amelia faded from their view.

Something, though he couldn’t tell what, was throwing the spell off – twisting it and causing it to change from its original purpose.

He knew the spell was a wild card when he had casted it, though he refrained from telling France and Canada that, but he certainly hadn’t expected it to change throughout the duration of its use.

Well, crap.

All three countries knew where they were the moment the scene formed around them.

The tall stone pillars miniaturized them and the golden arches glowed as the deep light flowed into the chamber and along pillars, highlighting the royal blue walls, checkered floors,

and ornately carved wooden seats that sat dozens of well-dressed nobles – lords, dukes, and ladies alike – all with their eyes trained on the two people down on the end of the long corridor.

The two men where bathed with a background of gold and underneath the largest archway in the room.

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