How We Fell In Love
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fanfic by endorathewitch adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

How We Fell In Love

The deep throated growl that came from Bog when the teacher dismissed his analysis of philosopher Descartes' theory of the mind and body issue was truly terrifying to hear.

The whole classroom went quiet, so quiet you could hear Bog's seething breath. Bog had claimed that Descartes stated that the soul and body are separate and they interact.

The teacher said this was proof of a soul, of a higher being, but Bog disagreed,

claiming that more scientific evidence now pointed to the physicality of the mind and body and pointing out that such a leap from incomplete premises to conclusion was bad reasoning.

Again, the teacher dismissed him. Bog snarled, stating that this was not the appropriate setting to be discussing religion in a senior philosophy class.

The teacher had then told Bog to take his seat or he would be sent to the office.

Bog had started to feel his temper getting the best of him, not only was the teacher wrong,

but to just dismiss him hit him in that secret insecure part of himself that he kept hidden with anger. Bog did not like being dismissed, ignored, made to feel like he was less than nothing.

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