How Was School Honey V2.
How Was School Honey V2. jan werner stories

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How Was School Honey V2.

"A boarding school, ma, you have to be joking!" James looked at his mother in disbelieve. "We just want what is best for you honey." His mother cooed. James gritted his jaws.

His mother noticed, quick as ever. "Don’t worry James, your little brother and your cousin Luke will go there as well." She tried to mellow him out some. But instead James only got more annoyed.

"And what about Sophie?" He asked sharply. "You and Drew need far more specific things than her and you know that.

" With those words, his mother ended the conversation, leaving James to his anger and feeling of injustice.

Not a moment had it been easy for James since they moved from Bournemouth to Cambridge.

James was a teen after all and just when he thought he had found a place where he could be himself amoungst his friends, his parents had gone and ripped him away from it.

It wasn’t like James was alone now. He had his adoptive brother Drew, whom was only two years younger and his cousin Luke. But still James felt betrayed.

The fact that he had to go to a boarding school only stung him worse.

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