How to date a superhero errr heroes
How to date a superhero errr heroes scott lang stories

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How to date a superhero errr heroes

Ever since Melody was a little girl,she had 2 count downs on her right forearm . The count downs represented the time left before one met their soulmates. Two of them meant two soulmates.

However only one seemed to progress while the other remained frozen. Hope grew over the years as the first one kept decreasing steadily.

She remember when she was 16, the break down she had when one of them turned red. Red meant that the soulmate was in grave danger.It stayed that way for three months.

For the duration of those three months,she would sometimes wake up,feeling a strange burn my chest,forcing her awake for hours.

After three tortuous months,the countdown turned green,the soulmate was safe,this time the time being cut in half. 1 month... She was going to meet one of her soulmates in 1 month.

She met him, a month later , served him coffee when he visited the coffee shop she worked at.

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