How Proust Changed My Life
How Proust Changed My Life jaime lannister/brienne of tarth stories

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How Proust Changed My Life


Okay, so let me see if I can explain to you how things run up in this bitch—Margaery Tyrell is the Queen of the Queen Bees.

She’s shrewd, smart and sexy—but she never uses her power as the unofficial leader of the female student body against those who are beneath her (i.e.: everyone).

She’s Glinda the Good Witch, steadfastly trying to raise poor unfortunates up to her level. (That’s how Brienne got sucked in.)

Margaery’s best friend is Sansa Stark—adorable ginger band geek, and if you think that didn’t warrant a LOT of comparisons to Alyson Hannigan from American Pie, quotes included,

then you’re wrong. But she’s freckled and friendly and forthright, always giving people the benefit of the doubt.

She and Margaery have been nearly inseparable since they were eleven,

when Sansa had a crush on Margaery’s brother Loras and the brunette was forced to break it to the redhead that Loras “didn’t exactly play for their team”.

Once Sansa got over her embarrassment, the three of them formed a strong friendship, which they added Renly to when the time came.

Renly and Loras went to University of Westeros King’s Landing, and Margaery and Sansa followed a year later. The four of them rule supreme.

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