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How it goes

Perry's had a lot of life experiences--many more than his erstwhile assistant, he's sure, but it doesn't change how the guy can emote.

He only watches his performances in secret, under the guise of being 'out', working.

And yet, after everything he's done, been through, seen, he couldn't help but feel life after Harry was a shock. He was an idiot, sure, but everything else seemed to change, all at once.

Perry got a flood of new clients after Harry slowly but surely charmed the wealthy socialites who wanted their husbands caught on camera with the maid. [Or pool boy, in one case].

He had a way of getting along with people, making him an incredible secretary. An asset.

Perry's been told he's a little abrasive sometimes. He can't help it.

Neither of them discuss the amount of business Harry's able to pull in, the way he gets Perry twice as much work as he's ever had.

He doesn't lord it over him; really he seems uncomfortable with any mention of competence on his part at all. It's like he prefers everyone think he's nice but stupid.

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