How it Could Be, How it Should Be
How it Could Be, How it Should Be victorian times stories

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A fanfic by mudandstars adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

How it Could Be, How it Should Be

Jonathan's boots trudged through the snow.

He had been grateful for the rabbit fur that lined the inside of them, but by now the snow had managed to creep inside, and with each passing step he felt colder than ever.

When he had suggested that they attempt to make the walk back to the mansion, he had never imagined they would still be out here the better part of an hour later.

His eyes fell on his adoptive brother, whose blond head he could not even see under the layers of snow and clothing.

"Are you alright, Dio? This is all my fault, I’m the one who suggested that we try to walk it.

" Guilt was building up inside him; it was one thing if he got himself in trouble with his own foolishness.

It was quite another when someone else was suffering the consequences as well, even when that someone was Dio Brando.

Truth be told, the other boy had often left a bad taste in his mouth with some of his foul play, but that did not mean he wished him ill. Certainly not in a storm like this.

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