How It Began
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How It Began

Greg Parker is a man of action, although his reputation with words often precedes him.

When a leg injury forces him from the field, he doesn't think twice about signing his name to the dotted line: Greg Parker, Head Instructor, Toronto Police College.

It's how he'll keep on going, helping people, saving lives; how he'll continue helping his team keep the peace.

And yes, they – Ed, Sam, Jules, Spike, Wordy – would always be

team. His family.

He knows they think the same; when Team One's annual summer potluck rolls around, he gets calls from Jules and Wordy checking that he knows the date-time-place and that, yes,

he and Marina will be there.

He makes the promise face-to-face with Ed, Spike, and Sam. Those three he sees more often; once a week at least.

They schedule meetups around Team One's shifts since Greg's schedule is mostly cut and dry. Greg typically plays host.

His place is centrally located and he has more time to cook and clean, he reasons with them.

And while that's all true, the profiler in him is perfectly aware that his motivation runs deeper; that it satisfies a profound need to take care of his team.

Especially when they arrive looking weary and beaten down from a grueling shift; when they turn up with new wounds and scars, not all written on their skin.

He sees it plainly in their eyes, the slump of their shoulders, the bend of their spine. Those days, they don't talk about it. He knows without them telling.

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