How Good Does It Feel
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How Good Does It Feel

Sean loves meeting people in bars.

He loves meeting people in general. He likes people. They’re interesting, and they’re funny, and often they say nice things.

People he meets in bars are statistically more likely to have all three of those things be true. He loves it.

Today the bar in question is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Sean is feeling particularly full of affection for everyone inside its walls. Everyone is witty and kind and glad to meet him.

This is a good bar. This is a good day.

Tom comes inside from using his phone and Sean waves at him, trying to call him over to meet the guy Sean’s been talking to, an older biker who’s in the middle of a trip from Montana to Mexico.

Border to border, how awesome is that? He’s a great guy. Tom should take his picture.

Tom waves back, but veers off toward the bathroom. Sean sighs and grabs his beer. “That’s my buddy Tom. I’ll get him when he’s done with his business.”

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