How Does it Feel? Part 2: Immortal Beloved
How Does it Feel? Part 2: Immortal Beloved multiple personalities stories

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How Does it Feel? Part 2: Immortal Beloved

Tenzin lets Korra take one of the sky bison out to Asami's mansion.

The light of the waning moon is a beacon of hope for the couple as they fly toward the outskirts of the city both anticipating their long awaited reunion.

But the closer they got to the mansion the more nervous the avatar felt. She couldn't stop thinking about Koh and the images he showed her before Mizu stabbed him.

She would never have imagined he'd take things that far with Asami. He'd really done some horrible things to her.

Korra wanted to be with her lover but she wondered if maybe they were rushing into things.

They'd both been through so much over the past year. Maybe being together so soon after the solstice wasn't such a good idea. At least that's what Korra began to think.

Asami leans over the bison's saddle and strokes the back of the avatar's hair. "I felt you meditating today, you know."

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