How do I win his heart?
How do I win his heart? sutan amrull  stories

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How do I win his heart?

It was the release party of Adam's new album when they met. Adam and sutan were dancing when Adam accidentally bumped into Alex and ended up knocking Alex on the floor.

"shit! I'm so sorry! He spun me and I couldn't stop in time." Adam apologized to Alex as he helped Alex up.

"it's no big deal OK? You aren't the first one to knock me down tonight." Alex confessed.

Adam stared after Alex as Alex left and thought *i like his spirit. I have to make it up to him somehow *

3 hours later

Adam was just thinking of Alex as he was leaving when he heard Alex's voice and from the sound of it Alex sounded scared.

"leave me alone! Please just leave me alone!" Alex begged.

"or what? You aren't strong enough to fight all of us." one of the guys said.

Adam walked over and whispered softly in Alex's ear, "follow my lead."

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