How Did It Come To This?
How Did It Come To This? take that (band) stories

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How Did It Come To This?

I was never really sure why my parents decided to pull me out of my previous college in Lancashire and move to Manchester.

They pretty much came into my room one day, told me to pack my bags and the next day we left without explanation.

I trust that we have moved for a good reason, it’s not like I had anyone to miss or say goodbye to in my previous hometown.

I’ve seen Manchester on tv, it always looked pretty cool. Not as amazing as London, but near enough I guess.

We have moved into a small house, in one of the housing estates not too far away from the city centre. I have to share a room with my older brothers, Colin and Michael.

My younger sister Samantha and brother Glenn have a room each (lucky.) My mum and stepdad also have a room.

So I suppose our house is a little larger than I would have expected, with 4 bedrooms and a considerably large garden.

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