How Can i Sleep
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A story by helmetparty (orphan_account) posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

How Can i Sleep

Authors note: Its 6 am and I haven't slept. Have some lazily written porn on my phone as I lay in bed trying to sleep.

(More like sun can you Fuck off I'm trying to forget how stupid I am for not sleepinf)

"You can't summon me. You're not in charge of me."

No sounds come for a moment. It is silent.

"But you came."

"Yeah." Mike sighs heavily, and looks behind him to the closing doors of the pizzeria. The last glimses of sunlight shine over the horizon of houses, the sky a light and plesant purple.

The streetlights turn on, one by one, and the road starts to become more and more empty.

Mike wants to be at home, curled up watching a movie.

Scott shrugs, a grin on his face. He looks tired. "I didnt want to be alone tonight."

Mike rolls his eyes, and pushes past the older man on his way to the back office, a blue drawstring bag carried on his shoulders.

He glances at the still anthropomorphic robots on stage for a split second, a deep fire of hate for them burning within his being.

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