House of Memory
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House of Memory

Norathar came over to our apartment for dinner all the time.

She'd usually teleport in right to our kitchen (even though they don't have to worry about burglars, most Jhereg do keep up teleport blocks around their homes,

but Cawti would take it down for a few seconds - not that Norathar couldn't have broken a teleport block if she liked, but that wouldn't be polite).

It felt a little strange to me to have her sitting at our table, eating the food Cawti made, chatting away with the two of us as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

I always got the impression that I was an intruder.

Norathar had known Cawti a lot longer than I had. In fact, Norathar had known Cawti for longer than I had been alive. One of the disadvantages of marrying an older woman, that.

We only went to Norathar's place for dinner once.

She'd moved out of the place she and Cawti had shared, and into this echoing mansion that apparently had belonged to her family,

and had been rather hastily returned to her while the decades-long job of tracking down the rest of the property that might or might not be hers was done by a bunch of people who might or

might not actually be interested in justice. Certainly Norathar gave no impression of caring.

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