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House Guest

“Agent Keen, thank you for coming. Please have a seat.

” Assistant Director Harold Cooper’s lips twitched into a short but pleasant smile, as he extended his hand towards the chair across from him.

Liz Keen smiled back at him and sat down, feeling slightly nervous about what she was soon to find out.

She prided herself on her confidence and ability to deal with many situations,

which came about mostly from a very young age and her early childhood and what she was taught by her adoptive father Sam Milhoan.

He was a kind and wonderful man who saved her from misery in foster care and single-handedly raised her and loved her till the cancer took him away from her last year.

She was still coming to terms with his death.

She almost left the academy to care for him when he was at his worst but Sam was adamant that she continue, despite his illness and he told her not to visit till she was done.

So she did as she was told but consequently never got to say goodbye to him in person.

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