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"Is this rolling?" The doctor said, tapping on the lens of a camera. Glancing to the screen away from the camera, she folded her hands looking at the camera directly again. "Alright.

This is day nine of Barnes' process. 2:59 central time. He seems to have shown signs of natural stress, and all but that seems up to date.

" She flipped through a few pages attached to a clip board, "Blood pressure averaged about 120/80, which is normal.

Beta waves taken under the MRI scanner is high, partially offset creating stress and anxiety in his body though he's still asleep,

alpha waves disturbed when sleeping in the quiet surroundings even, and delta waves are more frequent while sleeping.

sleep." She commented, pressing her hand to her mouth as she leaned on her palm staring at the papers before her. "Slight muscle dystrophy in his right arm, and growing redness in his left.

A possible nerve ending irritation between the remaining metal and the skin on his shoulder." She glanced to the camera. "White blood cell count is good, and everything else seems intact."

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