hosts with a dfuck house
hosts with a dfuck house red (twitch plays pokemon) stories

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A fan work by threefourthstime posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

hosts with a dfuck house

List of problems he anticipated, upon the universe merger: how does that even

? What are people going to do, with doubles of themselves walking around? What about the people who have conflicting memories suddenly, what do they do?

Now that it’s obvious they’re real, can he get Oak sent to jail somewhere? Do the glitches come with? Does that OLDEN thing come with? This was all super last-minute.

List of problems he didn’t anticipate: whatever the heck’s going on down the hallway right now.

It’s maybe a month after the event that shoved his virtual home-universe up against the closest match and shoved. Okay, a month and three days and like five hours. A lot’s happened.

Most relevantly, Abe…doesn’t really have a house anymore.

There’s a house in Pallet Town, but Red’s mom lives there, and Evan’s mom still lives there because someone screwed up the timelines, and actually right now

lives there because there’s some sort of legal battle going on?

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