Hospital Visits (Camren)
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Hospital Visits (Camren)

After Lauren swallowed all 27 of her antidepressants, she naturally was rushed to the children's hospital. Sadly, she's been down this road before. She knew the drill.

She walked in, got her vital signs done, some old miserable bitch screamed at her, took her phone, and sat her down next to the security guard.

Of course, she's sitting there looking like a freak because everyone else is either puking, having an asthma attack, or coughing up their lung.

And she sat there with a giant smirk on her face, hoping that she'd drop dead right there. Of course she didn't, though. Because this was her 2nd hospital visit just this year.

After what honestly felt like 13 years, someone finally got her and brought her into a nearby room.

They asked her a range of questions from, "why'd you do this," to "were you raped," to "are you gay?" She just wanted to die. No, she wasn't raoed, but, yeah, she was gay.

No one knew that though. But this had nothing to do with the aching pain she always felt. She's always wanted to die and not be here anymore. She could only sleep for so long, anyways.

Thankfully, they didn't pump her stomach, they just gave her some charcoal to drink. They said it'd make her puke. It didn't do shit. They stuck a heart monitor on her and put an IV in.

The only entertaining part for Lauren was when the blood squirted out of the IV tube.

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