Horse Tales: Wait
Horse Tales: Wait ezra standish stories

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Horse Tales: Wait

Chaucer was annoyed.

He trotted once more around the small corral, brushing past his companion and came to a stop again at the gate.

He snorted and looked toward the front door of the house – a human’s livery -- but saw no sign of his man emerging.

This wasn't kind -- not kind at all -- leaving one's noble steed in a corral for the better part of a day, not bothering to see if he was managing well.

The horse made a wide circle, to stop again at the gate.

The morning had started in a blur of activity. Ezra and Nathan had come running into the livery. There wasn’t time for a friendly brush-down or even a nice scratch behind the ears.

In a moment he was saddled and then galloping alongside Badger in an all-fired hurry. The two men had said almost nothing as they rushed across the countryside.

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