Horns of War
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Horns of War

Cassandra was dressing quickly after her short towel bath before starting another day of fighting demons falling from a hole in the sky with the conclave destroyed and the divine dead,

the only hope was a qunari female who was still in some kind of coma.

“Lady Cassandra! The prisoner she’s awake!” A breathless scout said as she came close and Cassandra whipped around barking out.

“Thank you now go tell Sister Nightingale at once and have her meet me at the chantry.”

The scout leapt to obey while Cassandra hurried to finish dressing and making sure her soul mark was covered,

the mark had been a point of hardship for her as most soul marks were more mundane or kind words from the person that would be their soul mate but hers filled her with dread every time she

saw it. She all but stormed to the chantry determined to finally have answers for the questions that burned in her mind.

Leliana met her at the doors to the basement where the prisoner was being held.

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