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A fan work by xhonestsecretsx adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


He had serious reservations of the man he had become. He could still see the faces of all the men and women he had killed. They resonated in his very soul.

At times, they gave him terrible nightmares. It wasn’t simply the lives he snuffed out but also his behaviour of late. He was becoming the very man he swore not to become. She was immaculate.

Perfect in every regard to him. There were many days of missions that had proved fruitless. Yet she had always been there with a decadent smile, a few sassy comments and waiting arms.

Of course his affections couldn’t be simply that wonderful personality.

He was plagued by thoughts of the swell of her breasts hidden behind thin fabrics in push-up bras,

how her jeans and tight pencil skirts cupped her round ass and thick thighs and how beautiful her long hair looked damp around the delicate bend in her waist. It consumed him how perfect she was.

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