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fan work by fledglingqueen adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Commander Belladonna Baggins heaved her pack higher on her shoulders as she breathed in the frigid morning air.

The sun was rising boldly in what her equipment informed her was this planet's North. It gave the mist that hung about her a shimmer, as though she were walking through a rainbow.

Ahead of her, Ensign Hamfast Gamgee crouched in the path to fiddle with a piece of his biological collecting equipment.

The plant he was examining waved soft gray fronds slowly through the air, collecting the morning dew on its delicate spikes. Ham turned back to give her a cheerful grin.

"Keeping up okay there, Skipper?" He asked, "I can take some of that equipment if you'd like. I know old bones have a harder time--"

Bella chuckled and shook her head fondly, "Enough of your cheek, Ensign. Let's keep moving."

Ham collected his findings with a good-natured shrug. "I was just offering," He called over his shoulder.

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