Honeymoon Hijinks
Honeymoon Hijinks miranda hart stories

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A fiction by whaticallsuchfun posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Honeymoon Hijinks

They were in a cabin, celebrating their honeymoon in what she thought of as the middle of nowhere, and Gary was hovering over her, nestled between her legs.

He was peppering her up and down with tender kisses while the fireplace was crackling lightly in the background.

They were strewn out in front of the warmth of the fire, lying across mounds of fluffy blankets and pillows, and Miranda had never been happier.

This was her husband, and she was his wife! This was one of the many nights to come in which dos would become uno.

Despite the thrum of pleasure spreading through her and despite the heat of his kisses traveling further south, she had to draw herself back to reality. They did have to be sensible after all.

“Gary,” she cut herself off with a moan, he was biting along her thighs, teeth grazing some of her more sensitive spots, coaxing those lovely sounds out of her.

His hand that wasn’t twined with her own was stroking her as gently as he could, teasing her all the more.

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