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fan work by babyrubysoho adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Me and Hyde. Now

a book I should have closed a long time ago. But sometimes you just can't bring yourself to reach the final chapter.

I can pinpoint the exact moment it began, more than twenty years ago and half a world away.

The dry heat of Morocco was like a slap in the face when we stepped off the plane. That changed quick enough, mind, once they started setting up for filming.

Ken-chan and I braved the morning glare of the sun and got to work on our tans as our stylist began the backbreaking process of turning my hair into a giant dandelion clock,

while Tetsu and Hyde skulked under an umbrella casting baleful looks at the sky until it was their turn to be primped.

Smoking the loosely-rolled, heady cigarettes our hotel bellhop had sold me, I gradually felt the burning heat begin to transmute into a comfortable warmth, simmering away beneath my skin.

Even the sting of the sand as the wind took it stopped being an irritant, the prickle against my face and limbs like slow darts of electricity.

I felt lazy as a lizard, like I could sink into the elements: the golden ripples where the edge of the village met the dunes, the antique colour of the sky,

bluer than any sky I ever saw in Japan. This, I decided, listening to Ken-chan snore beside me (now there's a man who can adapt to any habitat), was all right.

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