Honey, You've Blossomed
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Honey, You've Blossomed



Papyrus poked his head out of the kitchen, apron splattered with reds, orange, and greens from whatever dish he was preparing for the day, and glared at his brother.

“You know the others are coming over today! Quit being a lazy bones and help!” Sans chuckled but didn't go to move.

“Kiwi just sit here and enjoy the peace for a bit, bro?” Sans asked with a knowing smile.

The younger brother’s sockets twitched in irritation and his teeth clinked and grinded against each other before he released his frustration with a loud “NYEH” and disappeared back into

the kitchen. Hearing the sounds of kitchenware slamming and clanking against the countertops made Sans laugh into his hands, waiting until he calmed some before getting up to “help” his baby bro.

The help Sans offered was in the form of standing in the opening of the kitchen staring at his brother as he maneuvered around the sleek tile.

The older stared shamelessly, even whistling whenever Papyrus had to bend over. Papyrus jolted up, orange blush staining his face as he stared back at his brother who’s grin just widened.

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