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Homestuck Short Fics


Tears gingerly slipped down smooth tan cheeks, running until there was no more space and instead chose to fall into an abyss of darkness. The darkness that was slowly consuming Feferi Peixes.

Her face was contorted in the smashed mirror pieces on the ground, an ugly distortion that only furthered her rage.

In it,

she could see what a mess she was behind all those fake smiles and fake laughter that came from the same mouth that was currently twisting into a grimace and holding back a tortured scream.

Just so that she could appease one Eridan Ampora.

For years,

she had tried her best to keep up with Eridan's melodramatics. For years, she had to put up a front just so that he could spill his tears on her shoulders on such trivial matters.

But he never once asked her if

was okay.

But that was okay. After all, they were lovers, weren't they? She was his number one, his everything. So, she played the part, gave it everything she had.

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