Homestuck Act 7 Redux: Void Ex Machina
Homestuck Act 7 Redux: Void Ex Machina horrorterrors stories

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Homestuck Act 7 Redux: Void Ex Machina

DIRK: Thanks for patching me up, Jane. Don’t know where I’d be without you.

JANE: Perhaps minus a noggin?

DIRK: Haha yeah I mean that’s exactly where I’d be, you hit that one square on the head.

JANE: I do believe I did :p

JANE: So how did the head come to be removed from the neck, dare I ask?

DIRK: When we were fighting the Jacks, we were all lined up perfectly.

DIRK: And they were finally incapacitated.

DIRK: So, I gave the go ahead to Dave to charge us down with his sword and cut off all three heads. I had it in good faith you could get me back on my feet again, so I wasn’t too concerned.

DIRK: Calculated risks.

JANE: So you weren’t even a little hesitant then?

DIRK: Nope.

JANE: Dirk Strider, the apex cool kid, as nonchalant and blase about removing his head as he is ironic.

JANE: I have it in good faith that this is the SECOND time it’s happened now Dirk. Good faith as in, I was there both times.

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