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A short story by yelenaromanova posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


"You know what I really hate?" The young man kicked an empty can of diet soda against the dirty white wall. "Tell me." A rasp voice asked out of the dark.

The young man shifted from one leg to the other, stretching out his muscles. "When the wounds of your cuts start healing and the blood crusts get all flaky.

It's like the cut isn't fresh enough any longer. But the scar hasn't quite formed yet so there's no need to cut again.

" The boy in the dark blew a row of smoke rings in the other one's direction. "you know. There's actually no need at all to cut your skin." "yes there is." "Don't be silly.

" The lanky boy in the door frame drowned himself in silence again. He let out a deep breath before he broke the silence again. "There's a lot of things I might say to that Matty.

But you wouldn't take any of that shit now would you." Matt let out a moan of regret and...was it fear? "Not even after twice as much weed and alcohol as I had by now." He stated.

He knew too well what behaviors Josh had picked up again lately. It was killing him inside but he just didn't seem to get through to the thin boy.

The perspective of the loss of his parent's house had had a toll on him. Change usually had.

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